Supporting Literacy

The definition for literacy used to include just reading and writing.

Literacy is now understood to include many other things such as listening, speaking, technological knowledge, number sense, interpersonal skills, lifelong learning, and most recently physical literacy.

Our library has resources and programming that supports building all of these various literacies, and we partner with other local and provincial organizations to bring more of these learning opportunities to local residents.


Did you know

42% of adult Canadians struggle with basic reading literacy skills?
Similarly, 59.8% of recent immigrants struggle with reading.

The Rimbey Library is the premiere space where adults can increase their literacy skills through access to resources and programming without having to pay tuition. It is a place where residents can explore the things that interest them and discover new interests.

Literacy and children

Five Core Areas of Child Development

Physical Health and Well-Being

  • Fine and gross motor skills

  • Independence in looking after own needs

  • Physically prepared for school

  • Able to sustain energy levels throughout the school day


Social Competence

  • Plays and gets along with other children

  • Able to follow rules and instructions

  • Able to follow routines

  • Accepts responsibility for actions

  • Shows respect for others

Emotional Maturity

  • Able to deal with feelings at and age-appropriate level

  • Able to separate from parent/guardian

  • Not too fearful, not too impulsive

  • Able to focus


Language and Thinking skills

These relate to early academic skills, including:

  • An interest in reading, writing and language-related activities

  • Age-appropriate reading, writing and counting skills

  • Recognition of shapes, sizes and colours

  • Can easily remember things

Communication Skills and General Knowledge

  • Ability to communicate needs and wants in a socially appropriate ways

  • Ability to tell stories

  • Can say words clearly

  • Age-appropriate knowledge about life and the world

  • Ability to take part in imaginative play


The Early Childhood Mapping project that was carried out in 2014 shows that nearly 49% of children living in the Rimbey area struggle in at least one of these core areas.

The library staff that do children's programming ensure that programs are designed to support both communication skills and general knowledge as well as language and thinking skills. We also include activities that support physical and emotional skills, as well as social competency.

We understand that these areas of development don't just end at the age of six, so we offer programming that includes these skills for all ages.